Nutrition Access

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Through the Nutrition Access Program, Second Harvest improves access to healthy food and provides education on nutrition. This program aims to increase nutritious food through the Fresh Pantry. This program, combined with education, empowers people to make healthier food choices.


Due to “food deserts,”  families struggle to access healthy food. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a food desert is “an area where little fresh produce is available for sale”. The first step in healthier food is increasing access. The Fresh Pantry Program provides families the ability to choose healthier foods. The truck’s design focuses on distributing healthy food. You will find fresh produce, canned fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and healthy proteins at a Fresh Pantry.


Nutrition Access Program equips school teachers, children and families with resources to understand and value healthy food choices. The nutrition education resources shared include cooking demonstration videos, healthy recipes and tips for strengthening kitchen and cooking skills. Second Harvest offers personal, classroom-style instruction to agencies serving students and families interested in a hands-on educational experience.

Visit The Nutrition Learning Center to learn how to grow produce and make delicious meals for a farm-to-table experience in your backyard! For more information, please email Courtney, Nutrition Access Manager for Second Harvest.

To see recipe and cooking tips, visit Second Harvest’s YouTube Channel!