About Us

Our Mission​

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee is leading the community in the fight to end hunger.

More than 230,000 East Tennesseans are at-risk of hunger, uncertain where their next meal will come from. At Second Harvest Food Bank, we are trying to change that statistic in 18 East Tennessee counties.

Our Vision

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee envisions adequate nutrition for a healthy life for adults, seniors and children in 18 counties of East Tennessee

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We believe in food for all.

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee is proud to be a culturally diverse workplace. The food bank remains committed to assembling a food bank staff and Board of Directors that reflects its community. In serving the 18-county service area we recognize that social inequalities and systemic injustices are among the many factors that can lead to food insecurity. We pledge to provide access to nourishing food and serve all people experiencing food insecurity in East TN regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Our Programs

Second Harvest’s programs are designed to serve those experiencing hunger across East Tennessee, from children to seniors, and everyone in between. Our programs strive to distribute food to every corner of the community, provide educational resources, and end the cycle of poverty.


Reach out today to learn more about what we do, get involved, or for additional information about our resources.