Food Rescue

Donate NowThe Food Rescue program gathers prepared and perishable foods from local restaurants, grocery stores and other sources in the community. Food like day-old baked goods, milk and cheese approaching expiration, bruised fruits and vegetables, perishable goods with damaged packaging, and even meat products, are rescued. The food is picked up, transported in a refrigerated truck and delivered to on-site hunger relief agencies where it can be served to hungry people seeking help. These organizations would spend millions of dollars a year if they had to purchase the food they receive free through the Food Rescue program. Finally, the hungry people who receive plates of food distributed by the Food Rescue program, are getting high-quality, fresh, nutritious food. Contact Ruth for more information or questions about Food Rescue.

“We love getting so much fresh food from Second Harvest. We can cook a lot of different kinds of meals with the food we get. The folks who come in here to get hot meals are really benefiting because of it.”

 Local soup kitchen coordinator