Food for Kids

Food for Kids

Food for Kids is a collaboration between Second Harvest and public schools within the food bank’s 18-county service area. The program provides healthy, easily-prepared food to some of the most vulnerable children in our community. These children likely miss meals on a regular basis. Teachers at each school compile a list of students in their classroom who may be at risk of hunger to receive food from the program. Each bag of food contains: fruit, dairy, veggie, grain, and a protein. These foods are all kid-friendly and easily accessible, requiring no additional utensils, to allow the children to utilize the food no matter their home situation.

These children are discreetly given food for themselves (and any siblings they may have at home) every Friday throughout the school year. Reports of improved self-esteem, behavior and concentration among Food for Kids participants are common.

Food for Kids by the Numbers:

  • 18—the current number of counties in which the program operates
  • 286—the current number of participating schools
  • 13,571—the current number of children benefitting from the program
  • 50+—number of schools that are not yet on board within our 18-county service area
  • 1,200,000+—the number of meals provided by Food for Kids this year
  • $100—average cost per child to provide healthy food each week for a full school year
  • 25+—the number of FULL truckloads of deeply discounted food distributed each year
  • $0—the cost to the schools/children receiving Food for Kids food

For more information, please email Youth Programs Manager, Sam.