Mobile Distributions

Nonprofit organizations, like food pantries, partner with Second Harvest in a combined effort to serve East Tennesseans facing food insecurity. Unfortunately, in some areas of East Tennessee, there simply are no food pantries to partner with. The goal of Mobile Distributions is to make access to food bank services more convenient by reaching individuals at-risk of hunger in their own community. Mobile Distributions are mobile, temporary food pantries led by the food bank and community partners. Second Harvest delivers a balanced inventory of shelf-stable, fresh and frozen foods to locations that can safely accommodate large numbers of attendees. Volunteers from local/sponsoring organizations unload the truck and prepare the food for distribution. In 2022, through Mobile Distributions, more than 3 million pounds of food were distributed. If you would like to be a Mobile Distributions partner of Second Harvest please fill out the Mobile Distribution Agency Application and contact Mike, Mobile Distributions Manager.

Mobile Distribution sponsorship costs vary based on the needs of the community and as product availability and procurement availability are assessed by Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. Corporate sponsorship of Mobile Distributions are available. If interested, contact Michael Torano.