Hunger @ Home

1 in 6 East Tennesseans will go hungry tonight. In our community, a staggering 200,000 people are at risk of hunger.

The “working poor” make up the largest portion of the people who receive food from Second Harvest. Often, working poor families struggle week-to-week to support their families and put food on the table. The working poor are employed but most do not receive benefits or earn high wages from their work. The majority report having to choose between buying food or paying bills like rent, healthcare expenses (like medicine), or credit card debt (often after the holidays)!

Although the food bank is distributing more food than ever before, the enormous increase in the number of people being served has outpaced our ability to acquire food, and we are faced with the reality that people seeking help are receiving smaller portions of food assistance than in the past. There are simply more people seeking food and not enough food coming in to meet demand.

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Poverty Rate People at risk
Anderson 16.00% 11,770
Blount 14.80% 17,690
Claiborne 18.80% 5,850
Campbell 20.70% 8,410
Cocke 21.10% 7,490
Cumberland 17.30% 9,130
Fentress 21.70% 3,780
Grainger 19.70% 4,440
Hamblen 18.10% 11,140
Jefferson 18.70% 9,370
Knox 14.30% 60,730
Loudon 14.50% 6,570
Monroe 22.20% 9,920
Morgan 19.10% 3,690
Roane 14.90% 7,900
Scott 25.00% 5,470
Sevier 15.80% 13,180
Union 17.70% 3,350
Total 199,880
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