Camping for Cans + Tips for Camping!

The 22nd Annual Camping for Cans is officially in progress at the Kroger Marketplace in the Landings at Cedar Bluff parking lot. The Kroger store is located at 9225 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 37922.

103.5 WIMZ asks listeners to donate canned food, nonperishable food items and money to help make the holidays brighter for families in Second Harvest Food Bank’s 18-county service area. Radio host, Billy Kidd, started camping the day after Thanksgiving and won’t leave until the tractor-trailer is full of food!

Listeners can make a $20 donation to provide enough food to feed a family of four for an entire week. For every $20 donation, Billy Kidd will give the donor a commemorative t-shirt. For every $100 donation, the donor will receive a commemorative zip-up jacket. Donations of cash, checks and credit card will be accepted.

Elaine Streno, Executive Director of Second Harvest, said, “Camping for Cans is a fun and unique way for the community to join the fight against hunger. People always seem to enjoy seeing Billy Kidd camping for days to benefit Second Harvest!”

In case you cannot make it to Billy in person, you can still donate online by heading to Thank you to WIMZ, WVLT and Kroger for your support for Camping for Cans and fighting hunger in East Tennessee! Make sure to go see him and help fill the truck. 

Speaking of camping… are you a camper? Do you need a few tips and tricks on how to best camp? A sweet Second Harvest supporter volunteered to contribute to this blog this month. Thank you, Jennifer Jenning, for contributing your great tips!

Bring Camping Out of the Wild: Tips for Preparing Gourmet Meals with Less

Based on a report by the 2018 North America Camping Report, 77 million US households have at least one person that camps occasionally. Camping is rising among millennials, which is great for food conservation and the mission to end hunger. Spending time out in the wild teaches all of us how to use more with less and ultimately leads to more money for us to donate to those in need and extra food for people in the nation who may be living in hunger. So, if you’re a camper looking to free up some money for the cause, check out these gourmet camping tips that will help you cook up gourmet meals for less.

Foil for Delicious Food over the Camp Fire

Marshmallows and hot dogs are not the only things that you can cook over the campfire. Instead, you can create gourmet meals for everyone around the camp to enjoy and all you need is aluminum foil. Take some salmon and season it with tomatoes, shallots, salt and lemon, then, cover the entire fish in foil and set it on a pan over the fire. After about 30 minutes, you’ll have a delicious and easy-to-cook dinner that beats hot dogs any day. You can also take some vegetables such as zucchini and peppers and fry them over the fire to provide a side dish for your delicious creation.

Use a Water Bottle for Pasta

If you’re craving pasta in the wild, you won’t have to go far to satisfy your desire. You most likely carry a water bottle in your backpack or at your campsite for your thirst-quenching needs; however, you can also use that bottle to boil water as long as it is made of metal. Add water to the bottle, heat over the fire and wait for the water to boil. You can then add whatever pasta you want to the bottle and cook until soft. After the pasta is cooked, you can then drain the water through the bottle’s drinking hole and add cheese, sauce and whatever vegetables you want. For the kids, you can also make gourmet mac and cheese for a familiar and delicious family dinner.

All You Need is One Pan

A pan is a quintessential item for a camping trip because you can do so much in it. All you have to do is add all the ingredients and flavors you need into the pan and heat over the fire for a delicious meal. A great one-pan meal that only takes about 45 minutes to cook is chicken enchiladas. To make, simply add chicken broth into a pan and all the vegetables you want in your enchiladas. Then, add chicken and heat until bubbling. You can then bring out the tortillas and heat them over the fire before serving to your family with cheese and sauce. This one-pan method can also be used to make other meaty meals jam-packed with flavor.

Camping is all about making more with less; however, nowadays we can do a lot more with what we have. Use what you have around the campsite and create gourmet meals that will be the talk of the campsite, then use your extra money and food to donate to people around you that may need an extra meal.