Back to School- FRESH Start

Uh oh, sweet summer is coming to an end. Summer camps have wrapped up, the ice cream truck has stopped coming around as frequently, and now we have to think about going back to school shopping! (Is it just me, or does the list of school supplies get longer and longer each year?) The trips to the grocery store are becoming more frequent, as we decide what snacks and lunches for school, after school, sports, the list goes on!

For a lot of us- these are the things we think about when summer comes to an end. We are excited to get our little ones back to school (and out of our hair!) for an amazing new year of learning and growing.

For thousands of East Tennesseans, going back to school brings on an entirely different set of stressors. Some families are not sure where this extra cash is going to come from in order to prepare their little ones for this school year. Luckily, that is where Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee can lend a hand. Between the Food for Kids Program, School Pantries, and other food pantries around town- families can mark food OFF that list of stressors. For more information on food pantries in the area, CLICK HERE!

We wanted to share a few of our favorite back to school tips and tricks that can make this transition just a little easier!

  • Start having your kiddos wake up earlier, a few days before school starts. This makes the 6:00 a.m. alarm a little easier to handle once that first day of school arrives!
  • Have kids lay out their school clothes the night before. This takes away the frantic “where are my socks?!” argument as you run to the bus!
  • Pack any lunches or snacks the night before too- soccer practice after school? Snack is ready to go!
  • Sit down and chat with kids about the expectations of the school year. New school? That transition can be hard on kids, talking through what the day will look like can help kids adjust quicker!

The beginning of a new school year can be stressful, but we hope that these few tips and tricks make that transition as smooth as possible! From our home to yours, we wish everyone a happy, healthy and SAFE start to this new year!